SWMS Analysis: Zuckerberg's Q&A Comeback

Perhaps the ultimate CEO interview train wreck is Walt Mossberg's and Kara Swisher's take-down of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at this year's D8 conference. Watch if you dare. Zuckerberg spent 24 of 37 precious minutes backpedaling about privacy when he should have repositioned questions and emphasized the positive.

At this week's Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco: different story. Interviewers John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly had 40 minutes to tame Zuckerberg and didn't come close. Someone has been training this guy.

Here's a link to the video. See the table below:

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SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight: Product Launches - with BONUS Content!

Planning a launch? The client expects big things. Probably too big. With a bit of imagination, you can deliver good results even when the usual suspects take a pass, but what constitutes success in today's media environment?

We heard from:  
  • Fritz Nelson -  TechWeb
  • Dylan Tweney - Wired.com
  • Charles Cooper  - CBSNews.com
  • David Spark  - Spark Media Solutions
  • Colin Crook  - Voce Communications
  • Leigh Anne Varney  - veteran indie PR pro
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* In a blog post last week, Jeremiah Owyang put his finger on another illness plaguing tech journalism today. See if you agree.

* Wired.com senior editor Dylan Tweney saw our recent piece on virtual trade shows and contributed his two cents. It was an unexpected comment coming from a Wired guy.

* Did you ever cut and paste text from a web site that knew you did, and admonished you for doing so? No? Then you've never been to AOL's DailyFinance.com.

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