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Cheat Sheet: Forbes, CNN, AP

This cheat sheet is a bit different -- a loose "org chart" of edit operations at Forbes, CNN and AP. It's presented as a list, not a chart. It doesn't contain every name in each of these three huge organizations, but it does frame the top of each. None of those three orgs offer a masthead, so enjoy. Input and refinements welcome.

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LinkedIn Lists: Data-Driven

To glimpse the future of publishing, don't study publishing. Study LinkedIn, which year after year shows what smart editors can build in a data sandbox. In 2015 LinkedIn committed itself to a series of quarterly lists, showcasing up-and-comers whose thoughts and achievements provably resonate.

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SWMS Editorial Teleconference: Brian Bergstein, AP

Brian Bergstein, technology editor
The Associated Press
June 2009

Considering the power — and sanctity — of the Associated Press, it’s to the institution’s great credit that it has such a helpful PR advocate in the person of Brian Bergstein. He runs the tech show, and he knows his veteran staff quite well. When he says, “think like a reporter and imagine what the second-day take is going to be,” that’s authentic, spot-on advice. We were surprised to learn how up-to-date the AP is on video and slide shows, but AP’s core mission will never change. Write compelling, newsy pieces that subscribing organizations will publish, and that you — the reader — will want to read.

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