How SWMS Helps Tech PR Pros

Founded in 1998, Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey (SWMS) produces research and analysis that helps tech PR pros pitch more effectively.

SWMS interviews editors and studies their work. We then produce research and analysis that helps tech PR pros land coverage today and build relationships for the long run.

Our content is available 24/7 on the SWMS web site for paid-subscribers only. It comprises:

Research — cheat sheets with reporter names, contact info and links to recent work

Interviews — with journalists and other influencers in the world of earned media

Strategies — fresh approaches to achieve pitch success, including new and "side door" pitch opps


Subscribers also receive a twice-monthly email newsletter and a quarterly “SWMS in Review” document optimized for mobile devices

SWMS Valet Consulting

Subscribers can schedule confidential discussions with Sam Whitmore to brainstorm solutions for any tech PR challenge, through 


email requests

informal discussions (1-to-1 or “1-to-team” on phone or Zoom)

formal presentations (to multiple teams or organization-wide)


SWMS valet consulting is currently included in all subscriptions at no additional cost.