The SWMS AI Deep-Dive

Imagine you’re an EIC. How do you cover AI? The term means little in the rise of bots and agents, NLG, deep learning, robotics and the rest. No staff is big enough to understand it all, let alone own it. No wonder this recent AI primer from Forbes contributor Gil Press already has 200,000 views.

TechCrunch Dims the Lights on Contributed Content

If you’ve had difficulty contributing content to TechCrunch gatekeeper Jon Shieber lately, you’re not alone: readers sent us a lot of “what’s-going-on?” emails in recent days. Even after our own email exchange with Jon, it’s still unclear exactly what is going on.

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Profile: Daniel Terdiman, senior writer, Fast Company

Even after 13 years in tech journalism, one can still get nervous about interviewing a tech CEO — especially if his name is Mark Zuckerberg. Just ask Fast Company senior writer Daniel Terdiman, who late last year looked up and saw a young guy in a T-shirt standing on his front porch, waiting to talk household AI.

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Profile: Christopher Booker, PBS Newshour Weekend

Christopher Booker is a genial producer/correspondent for PBS Newshour Weekend, specializing in where economics and politics meet demographics. That’s more exciting than perhaps it sounds. Christopher tells “big stories through small windows,” exactly what PR storytellers aspire to.

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