Protocol Enterprise Launches Next Week

Protocol next week will launch Protocol Enterprise, a program of expanded enterprise coverage comprising daily web editorial, twice-weekly newsletters, quarterly deep-dives and contributed content. “This is an enterprise moment,” Protocol president Tammy Wincup says. “It’s often communicated about as ‘a boring back-end technology’ but the reality is, there’s so much happening in enterprise tech...

SWMS Deep Dive: Privacy

[SWMS contributor Rachel Odenweller writes:] Historically, few of us have thought much about data privacy, either from a personal perspective or the perspective of clients. But in 2020 privacy came into focus with several data breaches, fears of government surveillance and the continuing saga of Big Tech regulation challenges.

Where Privacy Meets Cybersecurity

[SWMS contributor Rachel Odenweller writes:] As logic would suggest, the more we rely on data, the more at risk we are for cyber attacks. In addition to the myriad struggles 2020 presented us with, it was also the most active year for cybercrime. Reports suggest that cybercrime rates during COVID-19 -- from ransomware to phishing -- have spiked at rates between 40 and 400 percent.

Newsweek Paid Community Lets Members Publish

Add Newsweek to the growing list of publishers launching readership communities. The Newsweek Expert Forum now offers a waitlist in advance of its formal opening later this month. Newsweek is building the Expert Forum in association with The Community Company, a virtual professional services firm that manages councils for Forbes, Rolling Stone and Bizjournals.

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Tech Edit Spotlight: Bloomberg Quicktake

Bloomberg Quicktake might not change the lives of tech PR pros but it surely has changed Bloomberg. Launched in November, Quicktake is in that newborn stage, getting budget that otherwise might have gone to newsroom key clickers or to Bloomberg Television. Management is betting big on this OTT network to succeed.

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