AI/Robotics reporters

Some of these reporters are general tech trend watchers who took a turn at spotchecking the robotics world. Others live and breathe it. In any case, here are our recommendations on whom you might pitch for your AI/factory-floor stories.

David Strom on Pitching

We asked David Strom to respond to the same questions that TC Currie answered last month. David, a regular contributor to SWMS, was the founding editor-in- chief of CMP’s Network Computing, a previous editor-in- chief with Tom’s Hardware, and currently runs the Inside Security email newsletter.

TC Currie on Simplicity

There’s long been a divide between techies and non-technical folks who can’t understand new technology. The early success I had in my career came not just from my ability to code, but from my ability to translate between these two groups. That skill was a mainstay throughout the 20+ years I spend in software development.

Quentin at Google: Six Months In

Once you’ve worked for the WSJ, NYT, Forbes and Fox, what do you do for an encore? You go to work for Google, explaining the cloud. At least that’s what Quentin Hardy did. Six months in, he loves it. He writes, moderates panels and soon will produce videos. Mostly, he gets to go deep and stay deep on the biggest story of our times.

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